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N95 mask and KN95 mask, since both the names sound similar, it can be confusing to know the difference between the two. 95% seems a common factor between both the respirators. It means that both masks can deliver a required minimum efficiency of blocking 95% of outside particulate matter. So, in the light of COVID-19 […]

Today, most countries across the world are suffering through the outbreak of the coronavirus. The pandemic has got named Novel coronavirus or COVID-19. The name novel comes since the virus is new to the world. Scientists and researchers are still learning about the coronavirus and finding ways to come up with a vaccination. As per […]

New design fabric for heavy duty cleaning, high quality pp brings excellent oil absorption power, the abrasive treatment can make this wipe surface tough, easily to remove oil, grease, dust, liquids. Ideal choice in kitchen, hotel, household, food factory. Thick handfeeling, washable, save cost in your cleaning tasks. Now four colors available. Size 22cmx20cmx50sheets per […]