Abrasive Cloth

Wesba Abrasive Cloth

Premium quality and latest abrasive cloth is a textile product taken into use in sanding, polishing, grinding and similar other works. The abrasive can be added onto different kinds of nonwoven base, mostly used in making industrial wet wipes. You can customize your own industrial wet wipes yourself, using water or other cleaning agents. Heavy duty abrasive cloth is easily able to remove oil, grease and soilings from hands.

These wipes and cloths are used for large scale grinding and polishing. They are available in rolls and pad form. In order to buy such cloth for wiping and cleaning purpose, you need to reach the top industrial wipes supplier where a variety of wipes and cleaning products are sold. If you are looking for one such supplier or manufacturer, you have come at the right place.

Wesba Clean is a one stop reliable and reputed manufacturer and industrial wipes supplier bringing to you the best quality industrial wipes and abrasive cloth. We have a broad range of such cloth and wipes that are ideal for various industrial domains and supplied at your doorstep on-time and at very reasonable prices.

You can place your order from anywhere and get them delivered to your address.