Electronic Wipes

Electronic Cleaning Wipes


Low lint, average thickness, strong absorption in both dry and wet condition, made of cellulose and polyester, this range of wipe is good at making smt rolls, screen wipes and any type of electronic room cleaning.

Premium quality, hygienic non abrasive and low lint wiping solutions are required for different specific purpose of cleaning and wiping. People search for the best quality wipers that can fulfill their requirement without leaving any harmful particle at the place. If you are looking for such wiping options, you have come at the right place at Wesba Clean.

We have come up with a new range of premium quality low lint wipers that are made of safe and hygienic material to ensure safety and proper cleanness and wiping of the surface where you use them. You can use them at SMT rolls, screen wipes and in other forms for any type of electronic room cleaning.

Why Low Lint Wipers Are Ideal to Use for Electronic Equipment Cleaning?

Low lint wipers, a complete wiping solution for critical task or delicate surface cleaning, are required for different purpose to clean sensitive parts like electronic equipment. They are used largely for cleaning without damaging delicate surfaces. Such wipers are nonabrasive and low lint with average thickness, strong absorption in both dry and wet conditions. They are made of cellulose and polyester for extra comfort and care. They are ideal options for perfect surface cleaning without any possibility of damage or any other issue. We at Wesbaclean provides to you best electronic cleaning wipes at affordable price.

We design and develop wipers that are used for a variety of purposes and exported worldwide. Our main motive is to endow you with the most valuable cleaning solutions. We supply nonwoven cleaning wipes to customers worldwide.

You need to go through available collection of low lint wipers to choose the best one.

We are suppliers of all type of cleaning wipes in China. Our supply range includes low lint wipes, screen wipes, electronic wipes, and electronic cleaning wipes. The product that we supply to our consumers is in gear to meet the demands of all strata. The screen wipes- they are perfect for cleaning of eyeglasses, sunglasses, cell phone, and tablet screens. They are even safe for all anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings.

The electronic cleaning wipes that we furnish come with excellent material. It has a formula that leaves no scratch or scruff on the surface. All you get is a smooth, bright finish on your laptop, LED, and LCD screens. Our low lint wipes pack high strength and absorption qualities that suit all type of industrial and machinery cleaning. We are also the best electronic wipes suppliers in China.