Food Service Wipes

Food Service Wipes


Food Service Wipes

Food Service Wipes are in high attention along with fast development of food industry. Wesba viscose polyester mixed spunlace (hydroentangle technology) nonwoven wipe is one product for both food contact surface cleaning and sanitizing. 

Food Service Cleaning Wipes

Food Service Cleaning Wipes are usually color coded, well used for removal of soils, food debris in your food processing and food service. You can always use different color wipes in different areas, to avoid further cross-contamination. When cleaning food contact surfaces, there are two choices for you – dry cleaning or cleaning with fluid cleaners such as soap, warm water or acid cleaners.

Food Service Cleaning Wipes Specification:

Composition: viscose(rayon)/polyester

Pattern: dyed or printed wipes

Type: Aperture (different size aperture)

Color: besides popular red/yellow/green/blue, we can customize any pantone color food service cleaning wipes depends on your requirements

Recommended Size: 35cmx35cm, 38cmx42cm, 40cmx60cm etc.

Additional Service:

  1. Logo customization. Wesba devote lots of time and cost every year to develop new and special wipe pattern to satisfy different markets trends. If you want to print your logo or other design icons onto your material/wipes, we can help to make it come true.
  2. Anti-bacterial Treatment supported. We can add anti-bacterial agent(the anti-bacterial agent brand can also be specified) in material production process depends on customer’s cleaning level.


Food Service Sanitizing Wipes 

Food Service Sanitizing Wipes are mostly white color, used in wet condition. It must be kept in sanitizer bucket to make sure the wipe is clean. You can use our dry wiper roll to customize your target sanitizing wipes. Sanitizing wipes has critical needs for the production environment. Only then it can help to reduce the bacteria concentration to safe level.

Food Service Sanitizing Wipes Specification:

Composition: viscose(rayon)/polyester

Color: white

Type: Smooth; Embossed; Aperture (different size aperture)

Recommended Size: 20x25cm, 15cmx20cm etc.

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