Meltblown Wipes

Meltblown Wipes


Meltblown Solvent Wipes/ Meltblown Spirit Wipes

Made of high quality polypropylene, this meltblown wipes is durable and low linting. Meltblown is mainly designed for different areas surfaces pre-cleaning or degreasing because of its perfect absorption power of oil and grease, almost 8 times of its own weight.

Hydrophilic treatment could be added during the meltblown material production process, therefore wide range of solvents are supported to be used together with this meltblown wipes.


Meltblown Solvent Wipes Specification:

Composition: 100% PP (polypropylene)

Pattern: Crowsfoot, Reed, Plum blossom and Dot

Type: Emboss

Color: Blue and white are most popular, we can also offer yellow, grey and pink if you want.

Recommended Size (for both perforated roll and wiper sheet): 26cmx28cm, 30cmx40cm, 32cmx36cm, 36cmx40cm etc.

Additional Service: Logo Embossing Customization

Wesba devote lots of time and cost every year to develop new and special wipe pattern to satisfy different markets trends. If you want to put your logo or other design icons onto this meltblown solvent wipes, we can help to make it come true.


Meltblown Solvent Wipes Technical Data Sheet:

Date 2017/5/6
Test Temperature 20℃ Test Humidity 65%
Testing Unit Standard Figure Testing Level
Composition polypropylene % 100% 100.0% Corporation standards
Weight g/㎡ 70±3 70.2 FZ/T—60003
Speed of absorbability S 2.1 EDANA ERT
Capacity of liquid-absorbability % 450
Tensile (MD) N/5cm 41.0 FZ/T—60005
(CD) N/5cm 21.0
Elongation (MD) % 11.5
(CD) % 15
Color blue
Result Conformity
Test by: Daisy



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