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Wesba Clean is built to provide the most valuable nonwoven cleaning solution. We supply nonwoven products to lots of fields, including foodservice, household, medical, personal hygiene, electronic, printing, painting, equipment manufacturing, workplace cleaning & maintenance etc.

With ten years of experience in nonwoven cleaning markets, Wesba Clean always know which material is the best choice to satisfy different cleaning job, how to save cost and what extra service can be provided for customers.

Wesba Clean wipes


At Wesba Clean we specialize as face mask suppliers with our base in China. Our range includes a variety of face masks that ensure complete protection against all types of infections.

The role of protective face mask is to reduce the spread of flu. We aim to work extensively to supply masks for safety. The basis of our strategy is the knowledge that copes with an influenza pandemic. Our non-woven face mask and medical face masks are also combat tools in this process.

In the near times, when there is lack of vaccine and antiviral medication, protective face mask, Non-woven face mask and medical face masks are key workers as part of a more important mechanism to prevent the spread of diseases. Masks help establish barriers and increase distances between infected, symptomatic, and non-infected individuals. Face masks may play a significant role in clinical and community settings.