DIY Wet Wipes

Because COVID-19 spreads world-wide, the disinfection wet wipes consumption meets a sharp increase this year. As a result, the wet wipes raw material non woven fabric market is becoming tight. Usually, wet wipes production includes three processes. 

Firstly, choose the material of wet wipes. Wesba Clean now can offer different materials to satisfy different markets and cleaning jobs.

Viscose Polyester Mix Nonwoven Wipes (weight 30-80gsm)


Flexible: Different ratio of viscose and polyester means different absorption and cost;

Soft-touch: Especially suitable for healthcare or patient wet wipes;

Low friction: Users can pull out the wet wipe sheets one by one smoothly;


Unstable price: Both viscose and polyester fibers’ prices are easy to change.

Cellulose Polyester Nonwoven Wipes (weight 40-80gsm)


Stable composition: 50% Cellulose 50% Polyester;

Lower price: Cheaper than viscose/polyester wipes on basis of same absorption capacity;

Better oil absorption: Fit for industrial cleaning.


Production capacity: smaller. (means longer lead time);

10%-15% more preservative or disinfectant agent is needed in wet wipes.

Spunbond Nonwoven Wipes (weight 15-60gsm)


Lower weight: Lower cost

Good oil absorption: Polypropylene is good at oil-absorbent.


Lower liquids absorption capacity

Rough hand-feeling, not good for baby or patient wipes


Secondly, efficient converting. Wesba Clean various converting options can always help customers to customize what they want.

Our smart perforation slitting machine can produce multiple wiper roll sizes. 

Wiper roll width: 15-200cm;

Wiper Length: 15-200cm;

Perforation: Inter-pull wiper roll needs better perforation than traditional cored wiper roll so that end-users can pull out the wiper sheet easily. Our improved perforation can be adjusted when cutting different nonwoven material.

Package: Inner heat shrinkable film or poly packs, outer strong cases to protect.

Loading Qty: Intelligent loading for maximum loading qty to save ocean shipping cost.


Thirdly, Put the dry wiper roll into bucket, add disinfectant agent together to get wet wipes.

Till now Wesba Clean do not offer buckets or pouches for wet wipes, but we support customizing sample roll to fit your own bucket to make sure all goes work. Usually the sample roll needs 5-10 days to be customized, depending on material and specification.