Jumbo Nonwoven Roll

Wesba Clean Jumbo Roll supplying system now open for customer who have their own converting lines, five main nonwoven material are available:

1. Viscose Polyester Spunlace Nonwoven.

Weight: 30gsm-120gsm

Width: 15cm-320cm

Color: white; dyed; printed; black fiber or other colored fiber.

Pattern: smooth; 10mesh; 18mesh; 22mesh; EF mesh; small dot emboss; big dot emboss; flower emboss; diamond emboss etc.

Application: Wet wipes; dry cleaning wipes; leather back material; disposable towel etc.

2. Woodpulp Polyester Nonwoven

Weight: 40gsm-120gsm

Width: 15cm-210cm

Color: white; blue; turquoise

Pattern: smooth; aperture; crep; high friction etc.

Application: Food service; printing; electronic; workplace cleaning etc.

3. Woodpulp Polypropylene Nonwoven 

Weight: 30gsm-120gsm

Width: 15cm-210cm

Color: white; blue; red

Pattern: smooth; hexagonal embossed; diamond embossed etc.

Application: Equipment manufacturing; workplace cleaning and maintenance etc.

4. Bamboo Nonwoven

Composition: 100% natural bamboo fiber

Technology: spun lace

Weight: 30-80gsm

Max Width: 2.5m

Color: white color; primary color


  • More absorbent than traditional viscose polyester material, absorption capability up to 950% of its own weight
  • Soft enough for sensitive cleaning or skin touch
  • Excellent MD/CD ratio, not easily deformed during use
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Totally degradable, eco-friendly

Application: Baby wipes; facial masks; face towels; medical wipes; sensitive cleaning wipes

5. Meltblown Nonwoven & Oil Absorbent Products

Weight: 35gsm-400gsm

Width: 15cm-160cm

Color: white; blue; yellow

Pattern: crowsfeet, reed, plum blossom and dot

Application: solvent wipes; oil treatment


Nonwoven Material OEM Service Includes:

A. Printing/Embossing customer logo or specific icons onto the nonwoven material

Process: Confirm Material & Printed/Embossed Icon – Send Platemaking File; Design Cost Payment – Platemaking Confirmation – Sample Confirmation – Bulk Production & Shipment –  Design Cost Return after Negotiated Qty

B. Unique nonwoven material development

Process: Detailed Requirements – Feasibility Evaluation – Design Cost Payment – Sample Confirmation – Bulk Production Shipment – Design Cost Return after Negotiated Qty